Born in Libreville, Ya Minko is an international multi-genre African born artist. 

 Growing up in a very musical environment from his sister writing songs, to his mother being in charge of the music for their church events, likely helped with his knack for melodies and emotion in music. 

However, Ya Minko didn't start getting involved with studio work, music recording and sound production until much later in his life at the age of 18. Then a student at Libreville's French school "Blaise Pascal" he started getting involved into spoken word activities, which then lead him to hip-hop music, and ultimately writing songs. 

From his very first studio session, though the results were mediocre, Ya Minko knew he had found the activity he would dedicate the rest of his life to. He moved to the U.S., in the DC area, and focused his attention on music, sacrificing his academic career in the process.

Realizing how expensive it would be to record the amount of music he wanted to record without a real budget, he taught himself how to use Nuendo, Cubase and finally ProTools. He has since been recording music, networking and performing with artists in Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Atlanta, & Houston. 

He is currently still living in the DMV area, working on his own records and collaborating with artists making Hip-Hop, Pop, Afrobeats and R&B music. In his time in the US he has released one mixtape and two EPs, with a poor public response but his motivation was never affected by the results. He is now focused on releasing singles, and performing at as many events as he can take, to grow his audience, until the time comes for him to fully commit to a project again. 

Social media: 

Twitter & Instagram: @minkoemmanuel 

Soundcoud & Youtube: Ya Minko 


Ya Minko
Shot by SuperMaeve

Ya Minko Shot by SuperMaeve