"“TIRED” is a sleek, pumping hip-hop track flavored by jazzy elements, but beyond the music are the lyrics that matter to Ya Minko and both the community and culture he comes from. With clipped, repetitive lines, he tackles a range of “physical, mental, emotional, and social exhaustion,” referring in each verse to bullshit prejudice and men’s mediocrity. “TIRED” is as much of a fuck-you to the ideals Ya Minko was taught as it is an honest exploration of men’s role in women’s safety and comfort. At times, “TIRED” is uncomfortable, too jarring and too detailed in its name-dropping and self-reflection, but in a genre dominated by sexism, long-time fans of hip-hop and rap need reminders like this one that not all artists want to profit off of lewdness, and some are just as exhausted as us by it. At its simplest, though, “TIRED” is just a smooth, slinking effort built on steady drum pad beats, drowsy melody, and lax rap delivery."

- Savannah Davanzo, THE MUSIC MERMAID

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