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Project Description & Ideas. (PLEASE READ IT WHOLE)
Like "Foreign Tales" on the same project, "Windows" is a song about a human being slowly falling for another one as result of the peace that comes from their passionate intimate moments. The narrator is processing the conflicting & unexpected emotions they're dealing with.

the songs are extremely varied in style & energies. So please explore & let me know what you think!

I'm also trying something new. The idea is "love it, fund it". So people can donate to the project depending on what they like. lots of ideas for visuals. whoever donates is in on a lot.

For example some of the beats are not fully owned so that's an investment. Some of the videos have script but the resources are limited, that's another one. I want to see what it looks like when the artist and the audience put the project together as a team. Like an auction.

This could be fun, & I don't want to hold music for material reasons. I'm going to perform the songs & create content to keep bringing attention to the EP. See how this goes over the next few months. Project name is "WINDOWS" for various reasons. Let's build!