1. TIRED

From the recording TIRED

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This is the single "Tired" as recorded by DMV artist Ya Minko.
Song available on all streaming platforms.
Twitter & IG: @minkoemmanuel


Sick & tired of being tired...
Shoutout Kendrick

[Verse 1 - Ya Minko]
Tired of being a mess
Tired of lies. Tired of being so late
Tired of looking at people, and feeling they better, cause deep down a nigga ashamed...
Tired of trynna be tough
Tired of trynna be different, for Social Media attention, I'm gone...
Tired of time on my phone
Tired of being alone...
When I’m in public, with thousand of souls all complaining, they tired of living below... The average
I'm hoping that someday we'll finally do better, I’m too far away from my home
La Migra won't leave me alone. They want me gone
I love my brothers the most. Y'all took'em all from our coasts...
They ain't want Visas. Why y'all ain't leave them alone?!

[Verse 2 - Ya Minko]
Tired of pain
Tired of times we complain
Tired of feeling the same...
Tired of looking for someone to blame, when the fingers are pointing within
Tired of seeing my brothers that go through the motion, get lost and end up in the Penn...
My nigga if people told you you was nothing from birth
On God, I'm feeling your pain

I carry your tears in my chest
It’s hurting my soul
Tired of being my worst...
Tired of words from the family
They told me no music I shut off, and went on my own
Tired of hearing back home
The stories of mothers sacrificing greatness for men
Who barely even take to time to appreciate what you did
I cry with the pen...

[Bridge - Ya Minko]
I know, you feel something
I know, you feel something
I know, you feel something
I know, you feel something
Hope the pain triggers something
I hope it changes something
I know you feel something
Cause we all tire the same
& it’s...

[Verse 3 - Ya Minko]
Crazy how we all been treating women like garbage
Still they won't do us the same...
They could call us who we are
We’re criminals
Y'all mad cause they call us trash
After raping and beating occurred?
All cause we all insecure?
After we call'em all bitches for fun?
Burden them with kids, then dip while they raise'em alone?
The fuck are you on?
Man something is wrong
& don’t you tell me keep it down...

[Verse 4 - Ya Minko]
How you hate racism, glorify hatred, and sexism?
Why you hate loving so much?
How you don't see that the bigger picture's only ever getting smaller, when you don't carry your own?
Why you shoot me with a gun, like they did Trayvon
I look like Trayvon, & you look like my son...

I look like I'm tired, of writing these songs
It looks like I can't do this stuff on my own
I'm tired of trynna make us get along
& try to do right I just wanna do wrong

Tell'em I'm sorry, and hope they don't take me to trial
I'm hoping they give me security
Tell'em I'm mentally ill, I ain't mean to shoot people in churches

Tell'em it's cool if I'm racist, as long as I'm keeping my free speech...
Tell'em get back on they boats, and go back where they came from
Though they ain't had iPhones...
So they might go lost cause we took'em
They can't go back in the morning...
Make sure no more of them make it in...
Even if we gotta...
(Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!)

[Outro - Ya Minko]
Tired of living & tired of trynna fit in
And tired of feeling I'm hunted
I'm tired of feeling defeated I make you this promise
I'm tired but I will not rest till I win