Debriefing the artist

Ya Minko

Music Artist, Compassion Advocate, Immigrant

An immigrant born and raised in the French-speaking former colony of Gabon, Ya Minko has spend the last ten years writing, producing, and mixing music in Washington, D.C. His style, heavily influenced by hip-hop and Afropop, melds many styles and genres that he was exposed to along this journey. Ya Minko believes in music as a healing community outlet, and his art focuses on the interconnectedness of our experiences.

Debriefing, the album

DEBRIEFING, Ya Minko's first full album, takes listeners on a decade-long, multi-continent journey of discovery, self-actualization, and perseverance.  

Reflective of Ya Minko's roots in the former French colony of Gabon, DEBRIEFING--a collaboration built exclusively with artists from the African continent and diaspora--combines French and English to create a bilingual, genre-bending project. Using what the artist has coined as an "Afro-modern" sound, DEBRIEFING tells stories of love and lust, loyalty, exhaustion, contemplation, and hope through the eyes of someone striving for a goal while developing into themself. Many moments of DEBRIEFING also highlight the story of leaving one home behind to chase dreams in another, knowing that you can not afford to lose. 

Ya Minko held listening sessions with fans weekly over three months, as part of his mission to root music in community conversation. 

DEBRIEFING will be released on June 5, 2022. 

To provide the highest quality album possible, the release of DEBRIEFING was postponed to June 26, previously June 5. Read Ya Minko's statement.

I feel like this project is very personal.”
You have a passion that is undoubtedly unstoppable.”
If you're alone in your car, if you don't want to talk to anyone, if you want to party, you will find something to listen [to] in this project.”

Debriefing the listening sessions

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